Top 10 Best Online Gaming Sites to Play Games Online for free

Best Gaming webistes 2015Playing game is one of the best things you can do to keep yourself engaged and entertain. Digital games and people have a strong relation from the day when the first digital games were invented. Everyone out there loves to play games, be it a kid or a young boy/girl or any matured person. Generally, people use to play games on their PC, Smartphone, other gaming devices like Xbox, Play station. There is also some other way to play games like a portable gaming console (which were popular back in the 90’s decade). There could be some other way to play games too, but now most of the people love to play games on their laptop computer or smartphone. The traditional methods of playing games involve several things like first you have to search and download the game and then install on your computer or phone and then only you would able to play games. This is the method everyone is following for the last few years and more. The first thing is, this is a time-consuming task, the second thing is you never know how would be the game until and unless you download them. So if you didn’t like that game, then you have to follow the same step again to play another game.

So, we need to improve this! With the growth of internet users, now there are some web portals available which offer free online games to play anytime and anywhere without downloading or installing anything on your computer or smartphone. The online game has a lot of advantages, some of them are: you don’t have to download anything, play the game instantly without waiting a single second, if you didn’t like any game then you can instantly change to another game. There are games from all the popular categories, so, you are going to play games of your own choice. Now the question is what those online gaming sites are? The internet world is far bigger to remember, and there are some millions of websites available. So, it is always hard to find a good gaming website to play free online games. But don’t worry, I am here going to tell you 10 best gaming websites where you can play free online games anytime and anywhere.

Play Games online with Best free online gaming websites

Top 10 Best Online Gaming Sites to Play Free Online Games

Before I share those 10 gaming websites, I would like you to read our previous article which was a list of 10 best free streaming websites to watch movies online.

Addicting Games

The name says everything. It has tons of addicting games of all popular genres and popular games. It is one of the best gaming sites in the USA with over more than 10 million active gamers. It supports multi player to play games with friends. Addicting games can be accessed and played from smartphones.


With over 750 games and most of the original songs, Miniclip is one of the best free online gaming sites. It has some unique games that can only found on Miniclip. It has games for every popular genre.
Link- is one of the only HTML5 game sites which can be accessed from both computer and smartphones. It also provides free android apps to play games on the Android easily. If you are a developer then you can develop and publish app here.


Pogo has more than 100 unique games to play online, including Puzzle, Card, board word and much more. If you think you are good at any game then you can simply give a tough competition with other online players. No need to sign up here.

Two Player Game

A perfect gaming website to play multi-player games with friends. Here you can find hundreds of free online games to play instantly. Here you can play single games too, but for more exciting play with someone else.


Kongregate is one of the best sites to play online games free. It has ten thousand of game which can be found under different categories, top games, staff pick and new games. Here you can find almost any game of your choice. Registration option available here, but it is not mandatory.


Gamehouse is mostly known for its downloadable games. But it also supports hundreds of online games to play online. Some of the popular categories on Gamehouse are Card game, puzzle games, skill game and some other. If you wish to play any game offline then download that for offline play.


FOG is a short form of Free Online Games. It is a cool free onli9ne gaming site which has a decent number of games to play online. Some popular games at Free Online Game are shooting, puzzles, Adventure and some other.

Fun Brain

Fun Brain is a site to play free online games that are based on education. This is the best site for kids to learn while playing. Here you can find and play games based on different subjects like Math, Science. It has resources that can help to teach K to 8th-grade student.

Game Node

Last but not the least, I have Game Nod. Game Nod is one of the popular free online gaming sites having games from all popular genres including Action, Shooting, Arcade, race, Adventure and some other.

Final Thought

Online gaming is quite popular nowadays. Now, almost everyone prefers to play games online. It is easy to play free games online and the best part is you don’t have to wait to play any game. But however, you need to have a constant internet plan to play games online.

There are many free gaming websites are available, but if you are considering about some best sites, then I would prefer to go with the above 10. So try any of the above sites? Let us know how your experience was? And also let me know any of your favorite games.

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