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Top 10 Best Free Video Streaming Sites 2018 – Now Watch Your Favorite Videos for Free

Videos are not only just a source of entertainment; it is a cool way to get information. There was a time when videos were only used to be a part of movies or songs, but now the videos are tending to be one of the easy ways to learn new things or get information. With the growing of the internet now you can find videos on the web related to any topics. If you want to learn dance, then there are videos for that, if you want to learn how to cook, then there are videos for that too. With videos you can learn anything depends on your interest.

There are now hundreds of streaming video sites that are available online where you can get videos according to your search input. From hundreds of those sites, only a few have all the features that can give you unlimited videos for free according to your search input. Mostly the sites that host videos known as video streaming sites. With online video streaming, you can easily stream online videos. But the problem is all of them are not good and while some charge some money to access their sites. Why spend money while you can stream unlimited videos at best video streaming sites for free? And the best part is most of them allows users to upload their own videos to the site. So, if you are looking for some best free videos streaming sites, then let me tell you that you are at right place. Here I will share top 10 best free video streaming sites where you can watch unlimited videos for free without paying anything.

Best free video streaming sites

A list of 10 Best Free Video Streaming Sites for Online Unlimited Videos

So, the below are some of my favorite video streaming sites that I usually use to stream or watch online videos for free.


The very first name that comes to my mind when I talk about free video streaming sites is YouTube. There is no doubt that YouTube is the best free video streaming sites and most of the guys here who is reading this article already using this website. I personally use YouTube more than any other websites. It is even better than some so called paid streaming sites. It has a massive database of more than 100 million videos uploaded by all the users all around the world.

YouTube is a user-generated videos streaming site where anyone can upload any kind of videos and then share with the world. Here you can get everything, from movies, trailers, video songs, movie clips, any kind of tutorial videos on any subject and lot more. If you are a creator, then you can use this network to upload and share your videos with the world, and even you can earn from your own videos too.


Dailymotion is another great free video streaming site after YouTube. It is also known as the 2nd most visited video streaming website with almost all kinds of videos. With DailyMotion, anyone can share his/her own video to the world. All video that’s available here are shared by the users, and you can get pretty much everything on this website. Like YouTube, DailyMostion also provides an option to monetize your videos with their own ad network.


Vimeo stands in the 3rd position regarding best video streaming sites where anyone can upload and share videos with the world. On Vimeo, a user needs to sign up or log in before using their service. Vimeo is free and lets user upload video up to 500MB. If you wish to upload more than you might need to go for their premium account.


Metacafe is known as one of the oldest video streaming sites. This free video streaming website exists even before the YouTube came into existence. Metacafe web design is quite different from others, and all the content on this website is in a very organized manner. Metacafe is also popular for its page view earning system where you can generate a good earning from the video you uploaded to the server.


Blip.tv is totally dedicated to the web series and similar content. Here you can find almost all kinds of online series and movie clip. All the files are stored in an organized manner which provides an outstanding browsing experience. The main motto of this web portal was to enable users to upload their own creation to share with others. But however, currently they have closed the registration upload feature. But obviously, you can watch thousands of amazing videos for free.

So, we have completed the review of top 5 free video streaming sites where anyone can watch any kind of videos for free. OK, I know mentioned that I will share 10 best free video sites. So, here is the rest 5 free video streaming sites for free online video streaming.

Rest 5 Free Streaming Video Sites

free video streaming sites for unlimited free videos

#6. Vube.com– A free streaming site which was developed in 2013.

#7. Veoh.com– A streaming site with great UI and interesting contents.

#8. Flickr.com– Flickr is not just an image sharing website. Here you can share and explore videos for free.

#9. Viddler.com– Viddler is more focused on corporate videos rather than homemade videos. Still a great alternative to other free video sites.

#10. Yfrog.com– Mostly known for image sharing site. But you can share your videos here and even you can stream free videos online here.


Online videos are playing really a great effect on our day to day life. Most of the online users are now seeking for video content more than written content. This shows how important is video streaming sites in our life. There are lots of free video streaming sites available, but when it comes to the best, then only some can replace all. All the 10 free video streaming sites that I mentioned above are free to use, and in most of the cases, you can upload your own videos to the network. The free video streaming sites like YouTube and DailyMotion also provides the option to earn from your own videos.

I hope you enjoyed this article of best 10 free video streaming sites. However, if you have any suggestion regarding this article or simply want us to add any other site, then please do comment in the comment section below.

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