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Top 10 Best Sports Streaming Sites Online Free 2018 – Watch Live Sports Online Free

In this modern era, the internet plays an important role in our life. Internet got the ability to bring the entire whole world to your fingertips not even stepping out of your home or comfort zone. You can buy stuff online and get it delivered to your doorstep or you can even order food to your home directly from the internet. The Internet also controls your daily habit like watching movies or playing games or even watching your favorite live sports. Now you can enjoy your live sports with some best sports streaming sites online for free.

There are a number of free live sports streaming sites available where you can watch live sports online free. There was a time when TV was the only source to watch live sports, but now with the internet, you can do online sports streaming at any time. Today I will share a list of top 10 best sports streaming sites to stream sports online free.


As I have already stated, there are numbers of sites where you can watch free sports online live, but still, it is hard to find a good. Thus, I am writing this article for all those who are a die hard sports fan.

Top 10 Best Online Sports Streaming Sites to Watch Sports Online Free 2018

So let’s begin the battle for free live streaming sports online.

FromHOT was formerly known as SportsLemon, which was one of the biggest as well as best sports streaming sites in comparison to all other free live sports streaming sites. Here you can get a streaming link for all popular games like Football, Hockey, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Cycling, Golf, Motorcycle etc.

The user interface of this site is quite simple and easy to navigate which makes it easy to watch live sports online free. Another great advantage of this site is that you can set your time zone.

StreamSports is also a big site to do stream sports online free. The best thing about this site is this is completely ad free online sports streaming site where you can do free live sports streaming. Here you can watch match highlights and live score too for all popular sports like Football, Basketball, Baseball, tennis, boxing and much more.

Its homepage shows all the live and upcoming sports from all around the world. You can even filter your search to find our favorite game without much scrolling.


ESPN is the largest sports media network, which is broadcasting sports on TV for the last few decades. The WatchESPN is the web version of ESPN networks and this is one of the popular free live sports streaming sites.

It has an awesome user interface which makes it easy to find any sports from the home page. WatchESPN provides HD quality live sports for free which you can access from your mobile too.

Link to WatchESPN-

Next to this list for best sports streaming sites I have First Row Sports. It has a huge selection of games for football, tennis, baseball, boxing to Moto GP and Hockey. All kinds of games found here.

The First Row Sports is badly known for its wrong streaming URLs. But the best thing they provide multiple streaming links so if one didn’t work, then you could try another one.

This another great site to do free live streaming sports online from your computer or mobile. This is a free live streaming site which can be accessed with 20 international languages. This site is widely popular for its international sports streaming.

This is the ideal site for you if you love to watch free international matches. This is one of the top sports streaming sites of Russia. But as it supports 20 international languages so that you can enjoy your match easily.

Stream2Watch is another big and one of the best sports streaming sites to watch live sports online free. It provides all popular sports like Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Tennis, and Wrestling matches for free.

On its homepage, you can see all the ongoing live sports matches with ending time. It is an easy to use site, just select your match, then streaming link and you are good to go.

So in the 7th position, I have with me. The Laola1 is also a popular free sport streaming website where it gives the opportunity to watch some live sports matches online for free.

It homepage shows all the ongoing sports events. It provides free live streaming sports for some popular games like, Football, Ice hockey, table tennis and volleyball.

MyP2P is an interesting site to watch sports online free. It is not so popular, but it has some awesome content which is worth sharing. On MyP2P you can watch live sports online free for games like Football, Baseball, Cycling, Cricket, Golf, and Motor.

You can view schedule various matches that are going to be played in the near future. Another great this about this site it not only provides to watch sports online free but also you can watch live TV from its live TV section.

VIP League is one of the best sports streaming sites to stream sports online free. VIP League allows you to watch live sports like Cricket, Football, Hockey, Cycling, Boxing etc. easily.

VIP League also provides a list of all upcoming sports events. The VIP League is available in 7 international languages. So that you can choose one according to your choice.

Last but not the least, in this list of best sports streaming sites we have BOSSCAST. BOSSCAST is a quite popular streaming portal for watching some minor sports like Rugby, F1, Soccer, Moto GP etc.

There is also a chat option. With the help of this, you can have chat with other online users who are interested in the same game.


Watching sports online is very convenient as you don’t need to do anything. But yes make sure to install adobe flash player before proceeding to the all the above best sports streaming sites. With the help of all the above free live streaming sites, you can watch/stream live sports online free.

I hope you enjoyed this list of top 10 best sports streaming sites. If you know any other free online sports streaming sites, then do let us know in the comment section below.

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