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Top 10 Best Sites to Watch Cartoons and Anime Online for Free

We all have a kid in our self and sometimes we want to live our childhood life again. Practically it is impossible to live a life of childhood once we grow up. We have now lots of tension, workload, and pressure on us and we really can’t run away from those responsibilities. But there is something you could do to get back to your childhood moment for some while. You can play your childhood game or visit your first school or you can watch cartoons. Cartoons or Anime is something every child loves to watch and I bet you were also a cartoon addict. You might also have some favorite character like every child has. So if you got a mood to re-live your childhood memory by watching cartoons then let me help you in this situation.

Top Best sites to watch Cartoons and Anime Online

There are lots of sources available online where you can watch cartoons online. Some of them are really good and some are just average. Also, some are paid and some free. If you are not comfortable with spending money to watch anime movies online then I have a list of the best sites to watch cartoons and Anime online free. The sites I am going to share are known as the best sites to watch online cartoons and that also for free. So, I think I should just the list of 10 best sites to watch free cartoons and anime online.

Top 10 Best Sites for to watch Cartoons and Anime online free

Below is the list which you were waiting for. Here I have shared all the best sites to watch anime free online.


Let me start with the king of online video streaming site, YouTube. On YouTube, you can find all kinds of videos or even you can free stream movies here too. Now, almost all the creators use to upload all their videos and make it public for users to watch anytime. With YouTube, you can watch anime free online by utilizing the search bar. On YouTube, you can watch any kind of cartoons you can only think of. To watch animated movies online or cartoon series, just enter the name of the cartoon in the search bar and you are good to go. Best free unblocked music sites at school

ToonJet –

ToonJet is a popular name in the online animation industry. Here you can find lots of the classic cartoon series for free. Some of the best and popular cartoon series for ToonJet are Tom & Jerry, Looney Tunes, Superman, Popeye and some other. This is the best site to watch cartoons online free without sign up and register. Yes, you heard it right, you don’t need to login and register here. But I would always suggest you register as it will unlock some additional features for you.

Disney Junior –

Disney Junior is an online anime website which is dedicated to kids only. This attractive site provides the options to watch free Disney cartoons online like Mickey Mouse, Handy Manny, and some others for free. The site design is quite interesting and I am sure all the kids will love this. It is not just cartoons that they offer, they also offer some other features like playing game with Disney cartoon characters, filling colors in character etc.

Watch Cartoon Online –

This is an interesting site to watch cartoons online free. The homepage of this website is filled with all the information that you may need to watch any anime series or movies. On the homepage, you can find the latest update of cartoons and upcoming or ongoing cartoon series. They have a wide range of cartoons and anime which is organized in an alphabetical manner. Some of the popular cartoons available on this site are American Dad, Angry Birds, Ben 10, G.I. Joe, MAX Steel and much more.

Super Cartoons –

Super Cartoon is a great website to watch online cartoons. You won’t find anime here because this site is mainly focused on cartoons. Here you will find cartoons from all popular cartoon characters and even you will get some free cartoon movies based on your favorite cartoons character. Some of the best cartoon characters are Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Tom & Jerry and my favorite Popeye.

Free site to watch cartoon anime online free

Anime Center –

Anime Center is only for anime watch online. This is dedicated website for anime and you won’t find cartoons here. Like Super Cartoon is for cartoons only, this for anime only. Its homepage is full of information regarding new anime and anime series. You will find the genres section from where you can easily pick any of your favorite anime series easily. You don’t need to login or register here.

GO GO Anime –

Go GO Anime is one of the best places to watch anime series and movies online for free. This site is mainly known for its dubbed anime. Here you can see lots of anime dubbed in English language and you can access this website from all over the world.

Nick Toons –

Nick Toon is another best website to watch cartoons and anime online free. With Nick toon, you can actually browse through hundreds of anime and cartoon free. Nick Toon also offers free games to play for kids.

New Grounds –

New Grounds is mainly known for playing free games online. Apart from games, New Grounds also give the access to some cool cartoons and anime to watch online for free. No registration required to access their library. However, if you register, then you can upload new anime and cartoon movies and share with others. best online game playing sites

Anime Flavor –

Anime Flavor is another good site to watch anime online free. It has a good database of anime movies, series, and shows that can be accessed for free. You can see a huge list of cartoons I the sidebar from where you can watch anime and cartoons online for free.

Final Word

Watching free cartoons is now easy. You can anytime watch cartoons or anime online for free with these above free cartoon and anime websites. The site that I discussed now are free to use and you don’t even need to register here. So, these were my list of the best sites to watch cartoons and watch anime online for free. I hope you enjoyed this article and got a slight dive into your childhood.

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