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Top 12 Best Anime Streaming Sites 2017 to Watch Free Anime Online

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Anime is the Japanese version of animation movies or cartoon movies. In theory, both anime and other forms of cartoons we see are no different, but you will feel the difference at the first time you watch any anime series. Vibrant color, interesting character, heart touching story and the ability to attract every generation of audiences makes anime different than rest of the cartoon series. The popularity of anime series can be seen by the fact that thousands of people across the globe search for “anime streaming sites” every day online.

Best free anime sites to watch anime online free

As anime series are originated and produce in Japan, it is hard for people to watch anime series in other parts of the world. There are very few satellite or cable TV operator who airs latest Japnese anime series and the one who does charge a hefty amount of money. All these factors prevent genuine anime fans from watching latest episodes of anime shows in their own language. But not anymore, here I will show you 12 best anime sites that you can use to watch anime online for free and legally.

I will split this article into two parts. In the first part, I will show you sites that offer free anime to watch. And in the second part, I will show you some best paid and legal anime sites.


Best Free Anime sites for Those who like to Watch Anime Series online Free

These are the best free sites that offer latest anime shows for viewers to access them for free. Remember these sites are free and might be considered as not legal in your country. Please confirm with your country’s law before accessing these free websites.

1. AnimeHaven (.) to

AnimeHaven is not that old site when you compare it with other sites that I will mention here. Despite being a new website, AnimeHaven is able to grab the first position in this list. All the credit goes to the team behind this site. Their dedication made this site one of the best anime streaming sites in just 2 years. All the latest, as well as old anime, can be found here. All the anime also available in English dubbed or subbed making it easier for all the non-Japnese speaker to understand/enjoy anime.

Most of the ongoing anime are listed on the homepage, and also there are various options in the menu if you want to explore the site. Action, Comedy, Adventure, Horror, Thriller, Drama, Mystery are few of the many genres that available at AnimeHaven.

2. AnimeSeason (.) com

Anime Season another popular anime site that offers quality anime for free. It has a huge number of fan following than any other free anime websites in this list, and the reason behind this is probably the user experience this site provides. All the anime are organized to give this a clean look and at the same time giving users what they want. All the latest episodes and ongoing anime series located in homepage and left side panel respectively. It has a voting system where you can vote for your favorite anime series or episode.

Anime Season also is known for the update frequency. You can expect latest episodes as soon as it airs on TV in Japan. AnimeSeason is also popular for its almost ad-free experience. No annoying pop-up ads on this site.

3. 9Anime (.) to

9 Anime is a favorite site to watch anime online free for many anime fans. Its up to dated anime episodes and the huge database of both latest and old anime makes it a go-to destination for many anime fans. It has one of the strong filters on any anime websites to sort anime movies based on your interest. You will find all the anime dubbed in English or at least with English subtitle. 9 Anime is a light website optimized to perform flawlessly in even low internet speed connection.

4. KissAnime (.) ru

When it comes to watching latest anime online for free, no one can beat Kiss Anime. It has the biggest database of anime movies, anime series, anime story and anime songs you can find on any free website for anime. Expect anime episodes to be uploaded the same day that airs in Japan. A simple but appealing design helps you for easy navigation. Other than anime series, Kiss anime also a good place for anime Manga, anime drama and anime movies. Not seeing any particular anime that you like? Just request them, they will try their best to upload that for you. The chat room is the coolest place on Kiss anime because here you can have conversations with others who share the same interest.

5. Chia-Anime (.) tv

Recently Kissanime is having some issue with hosting. Chia Anime is the perfect alternative to Kissanime. This is a free anime streaming like Kissanime. Chia-Anime lets you watch all the popular and latest anime content for free. It has a high update frequency than any other site on this list thus making it a perfect destination for every anime fan to visit. Anime Soundtrack is also another attraction as you get to listen and download anime songs for free without registration.

6. GoGoAnime (.) to

GoGo Anime is one of the top anime streaming sites with dedicated anime movies across genre. This free content provider features all source of anime content. Be it anime movies, anime series, manga stories or video clips, if it is related to anime, you will find here. GoGo Anime has the aesthetic design that pleases the eye. All anime available are either in English dubbed or subbed. It also has a dedicated dubbed anime section where all the anime are in the English language. GoGo Anime covers all the smartphone users by providing a free app for Android.

Some other free anime watching sites where anyone can catch the latest anime for free without registration or any downloading.

  • Animestreams (.) net
  • AnimeFreak (.) Tv
  • watch-anime (.) net
  • Animeheaven (.) eu

Best Legal Anime Sites to Watch Anime Legally Online (Both Free and Paid)

These are the legal anime sites where you can watch online anime, and you won’t break any law. Some of these sites are free, but most of them are paid.

7. Netflix

Netflix is a premium online content provider known for its wide range of movies and TV shows. What most of the people don’t know is that Netflix also has a ton of anime series and movies. Obviously, Netflix is not free. To access content, you have to subscribe to their plan. But the subscription includes a wide verity Anime along with movies and TV shows. Netflix is feasible because it supports almost all the devices and OS. Netflix is also cheaper than its competitors and available in almost all the countries.



Crunchyroll is a dedicated anime streaming site which is bringing legal anime to anime fans all around the globe. Being a legal and paid site, Crunchyroll always brings all the latest episodes as soon as it goes live in Japan. It updates its anime list almost every hour so that you never miss out any episode. Action, Comedy, Romance, Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction and Historical are the name of few anime categories that are available there.

As I mentioned earlier, Crunchyroll is a paid site and being a paid site you get to enjoy all the features that you would from any premium network. All the anime movies and series are in HD quality. Also, you can use any possible smart device to access Crunchyroll. It has an attractive design with a slideshow of latest episodes in the homepage while other popular animes are listed in right side of the screen. With $6.95 per month subscription, you get to watch unlimited anime in an ad-free environment. Currently, Crunchyroll offering 15 days free trial with new registration. You shouldn’t miss out this opportunity.

9. Hulu

Like Netflix, Hulu is also an online content provider specializing in Movies, TV shows and Anime. With a small subscription of $7.99, you get to watch a wide variety of anime in the USA. Want to watch the full session of Samurai Champloo or Dragon Ball Z, no problem just put the name in Hulu and enjoy. Hulu subscription supposes to be an ad-free environment, but many people complain that they sometimes see ads which is rather confusing. Another downside of Hulu is its availability, Hulu is only accessible in the USA.

10. Funimation(.)com

Like all the 3 above legal services, Funimation is also a paid and legal anime network. It has a decent collection of anime series and almost all of them get updated with latest episodes in an hour after its airing in Japan. Funimation network also one of the rapid anime dubbing networks where they are capable of uploading English dubbed anime in one or two weeks after the shows go live. Funimation is also cheaper compared to other anime sites in this list. The subscription fee is $5.99 where you get unlimited anime in an ad-free environment. Funimation also supports every possible smart device. Your Smart TV, Smartphone, gaming console, computer, and laptop all come under its supported device.

You can access the 14 days trial by registering to the site where you get all the access. After 14 days if you decide not to subscribe still you can watch anime. As a free subscriber, you will have access to a limited anime where you can watch anime online free with some ads.

11. Viewster

Viewster is one of the very popular movie streaming sites for online movies. But it recently made its way into the world of anime, and within a limited time period, it was able to create a decent anime network. Due to its anime collection, Viewster is now market itself as an anime network. Viewster has a decent number of high-quality anime to satisfy any anime fans. Viewster is a free ad-based legal anime website where every animes you see are legal and licensed.



Due to the licensing system, Viewster shows different animes for different countries. To put that in a simple sentence- people from the UK might see a different catalog of anime than the people from the USA. In my experience, USA and Canada have the best anime catalog than any other country. I would suggest you to use any free or premium VPN to access content from the said countries. Viwester is the perfect place for anyone looking for legal anime stream for free.

12. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is a popular anime streaming platform to stream high quality animes for free and legally. Like Viewster, it is also an ads-supported network where you have to watch/face few ads while watching anime. You can find few of the most popular and most recent anime series listed on the homepage of this well-optimized website. Anime Lab also offers English dubbed anime streaming for a small subscription fee of AUD 6.



Hmmm, what is the downside? Well, the only downside I see is that the AnimeLab is only available for Australia and Newzeland. Again, not a deal breaker, any good VPN can solve this problem. Anime Lab is free and legal for the most part. What more can an anime freak ask for?

Top Anime Sites Conclusion

We are at the end of this article. I have shared a list of 12 anime streaming sites. This list contains both free and paid anime networks that make it easier for anime fan like us to watch anime anytime online. If you like free stuff then sites like Anime Haven, Viewster, and Kiss anime are perfect for you. If you don’t mind to spare money, then premium sites like Crunchyroll and Funimation are the perfect site to go.  Now, this is your turn,  go ahead and explore the above mentioned sites as much as you can. Who knows you might end up finding some unknown anime. Don’t forget to share your findings with us.

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