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Best Free Legal Unblocked Movie Sites at School, College, University and Office

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Finding legal movie sites that are unblocked in school or other place is a hard task in itself. But not anymore! We are here compiling some of the best known unblocked movie sites which are also happen to legal.

We are in an era where everyone is busy in their already busy life; we have problems and tension that are unavoidable, but at least we can forget those tensions for few hours by watching a good movie. In this first moving generation, everyone knows how important entertainment is. But sometimes we stuck in situations where we have the medium, but unfortunately, we can not use that to watch movies online. That situation is blocked movie sites.

This is now common to receive block message while accessing certain streaming sites like movies where the sites are either blocked by government/ISP or the administrator that you are in. If you happen to stuck in those situations and looking for unblocked movies to watch legally without breaking rule, then you are at the right place.


Best Free Unblocked Movie Sites to Watch Free Legal Unblocked Movies

When we talk about free movies, we often think about illegal bootleg movie sites, but this is not the case with every site. There are sites which are free and legal at the same time, and those are found always unblocked in almost all the places like including your school, office, home, and workplaces.

So, without further ado, let’s get started with free unblocked movies online sites.

S.NoUnblocked Movie SitesTypeQuality
1.YouTube.comFree/PaidSD, HD, 4K

1. YouTube

Why not start the list with YouTube? It is free, legal and has a huge library of both videos and movies. We often mistake YouTube as a video platform, while this is partially true, but you can not ignore the fact that YouTube has a huge collection of movies. The movie producer itself uploads most of the movies, so they are legal. You won’t find any better website to watch full unblocked movies at school or other places.


  • Has a huge collection of both movies and videos.
  • All the movies are in high quality; you can find movies in 4k resolution as well.
  • YouTube is completely free, and in many cases, you even don’t need to log in.

2. Vimeo

Vimeo is another popular video hosting network like YouTube. It has few user base than the YouTube; nevertheless, it has an impressive collection of content. Most of the movie or ‘content’ are made by independent creator and sometimes uploaded by popular movie studios. The user base of Vimeo considers themselves professional creators than the creators of YouTube. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself professional or not; you can browse through a huge collection of movies by paying a small on-demand fee or by using the free option which includes a couple of ads in between. Whatever you choose, movies on Vimeo will still be legal. Being legal it should also remain open in almost all the places.


  • Watch movies from both individual professional creators and big studios.
  • A clean web layout that helps you find your desired movies in the matter of few minutes.

Like Unblocked movie sites, there are also few unblocked music sites at school available to give all the students the power to listen to free songs when they are at school.

3. Archive.org

Archive.org or InternetArchive.org is the record book for every content that is available on public domain. Archice.org has a wide library of old classic movies and few latest films as well. This is a non-profit organization which aims to create a history book of the internet thus this completely legal and unblocked in many places. Previously it used to give free direct links to all the movies which often would lead to download failure.  But now instead of giving direct links, Archive.org is providing torrent links which are safer and is easy to download. InternetArchive is probably the best site to watch movies unblocked.

Archive.org Watch-online-free-movies-unblocked

  • A wide variety of movies ranging in all the popular genres.
  • Legal, free and unblocked in most places and countries.
  • Fast download and streaming in the complete ad-free environment.

4. Crackle

There is no match with the Crackle movie site when it comes to free legal unblocked movie sites. Crackle is THE best free movie streaming site regarding its quality. Crackle is owned by Sony entertainment company which aims in bringing high-quality movies and TV shows to the general public to watch for free. Obviously, you will be served few ads at the start of the show or in between. Those ads never felt annoying like we see with many so called ‘free movie sites.


Crackle has a decent number of movies ranging from action and comedy to horror and romance. Crackle supports almost all the devices as far that device supports internet connectivity. It also has app for both iOS and Android devices.

  • High-quality free movies and TV series.
  • Movies from all the popular genres and series ranging all different categories.
  • Supports almost all the devices and also has app for iOS and Android.

5. Viewster

VIewster has one of the largest libraries of movies and TV shows. All of them can be accessed for free and you won’t land in jail by watching content on this almost unblocked movies and TV shows site. Viewster is completely legal online content network headquarters in Switzerland. It sees almost 39 millions unique visitors per month which is enough to prove how success this network is. VIewster is available in more than 120 countries, as long as your country is one of those 120 countries you will be able to access the full site with no issue. Not only movies, Viewster was also a good place for some interesting TV shows.


  • Legal network with few ads in between movies.
  • Has more than 12,000 movie and TV shows titles which is the biggest in this list.
  • Registration is not necessary.
  • Anime is one of the strong advantages of Viewster.

6. Top Documentary Films

If watching top documentary was on your bucket list but didn’t know a best legal place to watch then this might be the perfect destination for you. Top Documentary Films is an unblocked documentary movie website where anyone can watch documentaries on popular topics.


  • Find documentary films on almost all the popular topics.
  • It is free and legal with an optional option of log in and sign up.

7. SnagFilms

SnagFilms is another popular destination for all the folks who care about the legality of streaming networks. It had almost 10, 000 plus movies the last time I had visited the site. The number of movies should be way above 10K now. All the movies are spread in all different categories. Some of my favorite movie categories from SnagFilms are Comedy, Drama, Thriller and Horror. While I am here I should also add that the SnagFilms also hosts some of the best TV series that one could find on the internet.


  • More than 10,000 movie titles and TV shows.
  • Supports all the smart devices including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Xbox, PlayStation, Amazon Kindle and mobile/computer browser.
  • Not to forget it is legal and shouldn’t be blocked in your school, college of office.

Final Thoughts About Free Unblocked Movies Websites

Watching movies online shouldn’t be any pain especially when we go legal sites. These legal sites help stop piracy while giving everyone the ability to watch any movie anytime without breaking the law. These free movie sites unblocked are a list of all popular legal movie streaming sites which are safe for the users. Because these are legal, you will find them unblocked in most of the places until and unless your ISP intentionally blocked them. In that case, you should either ask your ISP to unblock these sites as, or you can just use any proxy server or VPN to bypass your ISP.

Anyway, I hope you had a great time reading this article. If this article was any of your help, then please let us know your thoughts in the comment section. Also, promote this article via your social media and help us spread this amazing list of free unblocked movie sites 2017 for school, colleges, office and other public places.

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