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Top 10 Best Live Cricket Streaming Sites to Watch Free Live Vivo IPL 2018

Watch Live Cricket Matches/ Live Stream Vivo IPL 2018: Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. According to some websites, cricket is the 2nd most popular sports after football/soccer. There are more than 2.5 Billions of cricket fan in the world. The fun fact is there are only a few countries where people know about cricket or play cricket. At the same time there are more than 100s of countries who takes part in football matches. So if we take an average then Cricket would definitely cross the fan following of Football. This is enough to show how popular the game is and how crazy people are to watch or play cricket. We all know, cricket is the game discovered by British and it is also the national game of England. But there are countries like India, where people are mad over cricket. They would never wish to miss a single match.

Previously TV and Radio were the only sources to get in touch with the ongoing matches. But in the current scenario, the both of them feel outdated. The place has been taken over by cricket streaming sites and live cricket apps. You don’t need to stick in front of your TV anymore. Just use any of the best live cricket streaming sites and you will be able to watch free live matches on your computer, Laptop or even on your smartphone. It sounds cool, right? But the main pain is finding a good website for live cricket streaming matches like Vivo IPL 2018. There are very few websites available which actually features live cricket matches online and finding them is the big challenge.

Best free Live Cricket Streaing sites to watch ICC T20 Cricket World Cup 2016

But don’t worry; this article is here to help you. I am also a cricket fan like you and I hardly get time to watch cricket on TV. To solve my problem, I started looking for online cricket websites to watch live cricket matches. After testing a few sites, I got some really cool cricket watching websites. Today in this article I will share all of the working free live cricket websites where you can watch live Vivo IPL 2018 matches for free.

Top 10 Best Live Cricket Streaming Sites to Watch Live Vivo IPL 2018

I have already written an article for best sports streaming sites for this blog. That article is based on sports on an average and not dedicated to any particular sports. But this time this article is totally based and dedicated to cricket sports and Vivo IPL 2018. The sites I am going to tell are known to be the best site to watch cricket matches online. The best part of these live cricket streaming and live score sites is it is free. Yes, they are completely free websites and you don’t need to pay a single penny to watch anything. These sites are not just provides live matches, they are also known to be the best source to get cricket news, match highlights, players’ records, most raked country, most ranked player and lots other that you may need to know about cricket.

So, hold your breath and get ready. I am going to list the top 10 best free live cricket streaming sites and live score sites to watch/live stream Vivo IPL 2018 matches for free.

There are different web broadcaster for different countries. The live match site worked in other countries may not work for you. So, I have listed the Vivo IPL Sites according to the countries where you are living.

India : Watch Live Cricket Matches online in India- Free cricket streaming sites 2016 in India to watch Live Vivo IPL 2018

If you live in India then there are few sites where you can watch live cricket matches like Vivo IPL 2018. I am here sharing two of the best sites to watch live cricket matches in India.


Hotstar needs no introduction. Now, almost all the India star network viewer knows about this service. Hotstar is the web version of all the star network shows including daily soaps, Movies, Events and obviously sports. Hotstar features almost all the sports live streaming, including Cricket, Kabaddi, Tennis, Badminton and many others. If you are looking for one of the best live cricket streaming and live score sites, then this is the perfect choice for you.

Live cricket streaming sites- Hotstar

Here you can watch most of the live cricket events including all domestic and international cricket series and cricket World Cup. The Vivo IPL is started and Hotstar is the place where you can watch all the live cricket matches online for free.

Hotstar is perfect for smartphone users like Android and iOS. You can download its Android or iOS app to watch live cricket matches on your smartphone for free.

Start Sports

Star network is the official broadcaster for most of the cricket matches, including Vivo IPL 2018. Star Sports is the official website on star network where you can catch all the latest and ongoing match stats. Here at Star Sports dot com, you will be able to catch all the live matches for free. No matter what device you are using or from where you are browsing, you will be able to stream live cricket matches.

This is one of the best cricket streaming sites for Vivo IPL 2018. Watch all the ongoing live matches with live commentary, live scoreboard, ball by ball stats and lots more. This site is not only limits to Vivo IPL 2018 or Cricket but also it is available for a wide range of sports like Football, Badminton, Kabaddi and Tennis.

Watch Live ICC World Cup on Star Sports

Star Sports is the best place for High Quality live cricket matches, including Vivo IPL 2018 and many other live matches. This is a completely free website and can be only accessed from India.

Pakistan : How to Watch Live Cricket Matches in Pakistan? – Best Free Live Cricket streaming sites in Pakistan

If you live in Pakistan and wants to watch live cricket matches or Vivo IPL 2018 then you landed at the right place. Below are the sites to live stream cricket matches online for free in Pakistan.

PTV Sports

PTV Sports is one of the best cricket networks in Pakistan. Their official websites PTV Sports allow users to live stream free sports online. This website is only accessible from Pakistan and not available for people outside of Pakistan.

At PTV sports you will be able to live stream almost all the popular cricket series and tournament, including Vivo IPL 2018.

UK (England) : Live Cricket Streaming Sites in UK for Vivo IPL

If you are from the UK and wants to watch live IPL matches, then you can use the below cricket live streaming sites.

Sky Sports

Sky Sports is one of the official broadcasters of Most of the cricket series, including Vivo IPL 2018 in the UK. The official website of Sky Sports provides live cricket matches for users. It supports most of the sports and features live scores, ball by ball commentary and other live match stats.

Sky Sports features free live scores, but for live cricket streaming, you need to purchase their subscription. By paying as low as £10 you will be able to enjoy all the live cricket world cup matches for 1 month.

Australia : How to Watch Live Vivo IPL 2018 Matches in Australia

If you are from Australia and looking for live cricket streaming sites to watch live Vivo IPL 2018 matches then you can try Fox Play. This is not a free site, you need to purchase their subscription in order to watch live cricket matches online.

South Africa : Best Cricket Streaming site in South Africa

If you are in South Africa then a website called SuperSport can help you to watch live cricket matches. SuperSport is a website for live cricket streaming. Here you can stream pretty much every cricket matches, including the ongoing Vivo IPL 2018. You may need to buy their subscription for live cricket streaming.

New Zealand : Cricket Streaming Sites in New Zealand

New Zealand cricket fans get ready, this is for you. Sky Sports 3 is the sports network in New Zealand that is offering live cricket streaming for Vivo IPL 2018 matches. It is not free though, you need to buy Sky Go Subscription.

USA : ICC Cricket Live Streaming in USA

There are very few people from the USA who would be interested in Cricket matches. If you are one of those very few people who want to enjoy the live cricket world matches online then you can choose ESPN Network. ESPN is one of the oldest sports network available in most of the country. ESPN brings you the live cricket telecast for most of the matches online. However, this service is also not free. You need to pay a small amount to get access to the world of live sports.

Watch Live Vivo IPL 2018 Matches from Anywhere in the World

If your country is not listed above, then this possible that there is no such official website for live Cricket matches. However, you can give a try to Star Network. Star Network is the official cricket broadcaster for most of the matches. You can always give a try to your local star network website to see if they offer Cricket or not. If they do then you are good to go.

That’s it from my side

I tried my best to give you the best possible free and paid cricket live streaming sites for live cricket matches including Vivo IPL 2018. I have listed most of the popular countries and their official website. Some of them are featured free cricket where some charge you some money to access their service.

If none of them worked for you then you can try the Vivo IPL 2018 officeal website for live score. Because something is better than nothing.

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