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Top 10 Best Most Popular Torrent Download Sites 2018 – Best Torrenting Sites for Movies, Games and Software

Torrent is the online destination where you can find and download all kinds of digital files including, Games, Movies, Software, Applications, Documents, eBook, PDF, Music and much more. The torrent sites are nothing, just a protocol based peer to peer file sharing network, which delivers high quality and large files over the internet with maximum speed. Now there are thousands of the best torrent sites available where you can download unlimited files over the internet for free. But to be frank, not all of them are best and safe. Here I will tell you some most popular and best torrent download sites 2018.

Top 10 Best Torrent Download Sites

Back in 2013, there was only one best torrent site, and that was The Pirate Bay. But soon the founders of this site were arrested in Sweden due to copyright issue and The Pirate Bay was taken down. But after that incident, some other people also created torrent sites to fulfill the users need, and this number is now increased to thousands. As I earlier said all of them are not good, so let me tell some popular torrent download sites where you download movies, games, software and other things for free.

Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Download Sites 2018

So here is what you were waiting for. Top 10 torrent sites that you can use to download almost any kinds of file online for free.

Kickass Torrent (

Kickass torrent is the best torrent site for current age for the users of all around the world. It has a huge database of files that you couldn’t find on any other best torrenting sites. The Kickass was founded in 2009, and it got popular from its very first day.

And within a year or so it crowned as one of the top 10 torrent sites. The site also faced blockage in UK and Italy, even still it continues growing in those countries.

The legend of best torrent websites is able to acquire 2nd position even after facing lots of legal issues. It is still blocked in some countries. In 2003 after the arrest of founders, The Pirate Bay changed its domain from .org to .cd. Even though there are now thousands of best torrent sites available, but none of them able to match the quality and trust of this site.

It has a huge database of files which you can download for free. You can also create your own torrent and upload here.

The is one of the best movie torrent sites where you can find almost every movie. The is not a torrent site, but it is a torrent search engine where you can search for anything, and it will redirect to the original torrent download sites.

The torrentz is a geo targeted site which redirects you to the local site according to your country which helps you to get your country files easily. The most popular and original torrentz torrent download site is

ExtraTorrent is one of the top torrent websites in the whole world. Most of the users of this site land from torrent search engines. It has a very simple yet attractive design which makes you easy to use this best torrent site.

It has a decent number of files in his database. Here you can find movies, games, software and other files, mostly new within some clicks.

After listing some top torrent sites, I am going to list an unpopular torrent site. The is not so popular torrent website, but it’s worth trying. It offers a great collection of movies and music in both English and Spanish language.

You can call this site as one of the best torrenting sites for movies, as it scans and shows movies from almost 500+ best torrent sites. The only thing that may ruin your experience is its annoying pop-up ads.

Next, on this list for best torrent download sites, I have BTScene. At the first impress, it might look like a copy of Kickass torrent. But it is a completely different site which looks similar to Kickass.

The BTScene has a decent database of movies, games, anime, ebooks, etc. for free download. Please note that this site does have annoying and adult advertisements, so please take care of your privacy before visiting this best torrent website.

YIFY-Torrents (

The YIFI is also one of the best torrent sites for free downloading large files. This is one of the popular movie torrent sites where you can find and download 3D, 1080p and DVD quality movies for free.

Its social features provide lots of social features like Facebook like Page, Chat Area, RSS feed and many others.

The is the site which is made in response to the The was closed recently and then they developed the new The design of this site is similar to the previous version of ISOHunt.

This is one of the best torrenting sites which provides a vast list and category of torrent files. You can download almost all kind of torrent files from here. They also have a forum where you can take or give help to other users.

BitSnoop is another best torrent site. This website has a huge database of torrent files. It has more than 24 million indexed files that are enough to get you what you want to download.

This site is mainly focused on games; here anyone can get games for all kind of devices like Windows PC, MAC, PSP, X-Box, Mobile and much more. The only thing that annoys me is its pop-up ads.

Lime torrent is also one of the best torrent download sites that you should add to your best torrenting sites list. Here you can download almost all kinds of files like Games, movies, eBook, software, pdf, songs, video, cartoon and many. Its database is full of files, if you are not finding your download on other sites, then you must search here.

Here you can create your profile and subscribe to their newsletter for daily news. You can also create and upload your own torrent on this site.

Remember, to download torrent files from torrent sites, you need to have a torrent client installed on your computer or phone.

Final Word

Torrent sites are very useful to download large files from the internet. But beware of fake sites and also always use the best torrent sites that are mentioned here. The popularity of torrent sites can be measured from this fact that almost 3.36% of worlds total bandwidth use to download files from torrent sites.

There are now more than 160 million users worldwide that use torrent technology to download files. So this was my article of top 10 best torrent download sites where you can download almost everything from the internet for free. I hope you liked this list, please do share this article with your friends and family and let them know about this best torrent sites.


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